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Please recommend to me good Winter Soldier fic.  I will be on an airplane for five hours later this week and want to fill up my eBook reader.

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So about two weeks ago I secured a one-bedroom apartment that I will be moving to in September.  I’ve been at my current place, a tiny studio apartment, for almost seven years, and I don’t think I’ve ever really shared pics of it.  So here you go!

A lot of my spare time lately has been spent looking up new furniture and whatnot, since my new place will be a lot bigger and I can have things like an actual dining table and a bed that doesn’t double as a couch/the one piece of flat surface in the whole place.

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fireofspring said: so far will has only killed (hobbs) with a gun so what he’s saying is that he imagines killing hannibal in a way that is much more intimate and purposeful ifsidsffkjdisjhg